Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moving Forward. Kind of...

Last year my life changed quite dramatically.

Pursuing playing golf had been the focus of our family for a while.  The biggest areas of concern centered around how I could/would provide for my family while trying to spend as much time as possible practicing and playing tournaments to begin preparations for Q School.  In case you didn't know this is one of two ways to actually make it to the PGA Tour.  The other way is through the Battlefield Promotion from the lower-tiered Tour.  (blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right?!)

As stated in a previous post Into The Land of Sponsors I Goit is an almost never ending circle of trying to earn sponsors and sponsorships or make enough money to be able to focus on golf only.  In the end, since I do not happen to be independently wealthy, I am left to move forward through whatever door opens by whatever means available.

That open door came through an opportunity to help start/build a company.  A golf company!

No, just kidding (I wish).

The offer was to help build a medical services company.  Why me?  I asked the same question.  This had nothing to do with golf.  This was going to take me away from playing and practicing not allowing me to do more of it.  My first instinct was....NO!  But after some gentle persuasion from my amazing wife, we decided that this was the best option for us currently and would give us the best chance to achieve our goal.

So, I quit my job at the golf course and started my new job.  The possibilities are endless and there is a great chance of building something that someone may want to pay a lot of money for someday (*fingers crossed*). But the beginning was filled with tough spots and lessons learned as a company, and personally, selling most of what we owned (including my golf clubs) while we waited for the company to get paid so we could get paid.  Excitement at its finest. Faith at its simplest.

Fast forward one year and we are a growing company who is starting to make a dent in the areas we focus in.  My marriage is moving forward and my family is moving forward.  Everything in life is moving forward including the dreams I harbor everyday of playing golf and letting God use me however He chooses.  All in all, things are...moving forward.

I don't know what tomorrow, next year, or 15 years from now (when I turn 50 and I am no longer eligible to play on the PGA Tour) will bring.  But I do know that my life is moving forward.

Is there anymore I can truly hope for?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dreams: Bad Pizza or Masterful Design

I love dreams. I love dreaming even more.

If you immediately think I am referring to those things you have while you're asleep (which I am not), I'm apologize.

Outside of the occasion of God using dreams to speak to us, they are usually a mixture of bad food (apparently pizza is a common one?), too little sleep, and mixed with movies you've just seen and experiences from your entire life!  I am one of the fortunate people that rarely ever (literally) remembers those dreams.

The type of dreams I am referring to would in fact be the very opposite of the dreams previously mentioned. In fact, you must be very awake to have these dreams.  The dreams I am referring to are those comprised of the very fibers you are made of; woven into you from before birth and comprised of God's particular giftings for you.

Maybe you think of that one thing that you believe you were born to do (almost like that one person out there you are supposed to marry). But there are fundamental issues in both especially the latter, like, what happens if a person marries the wrong person; what does the next person do? But, I'm off track.

Maybe you think of experiences you'd like to have, places you'd like to go, and people you'd like to meet as your dreams.  I still have dreams of visiting Europe, attending football matches in the most famous locations, and going to all the historical places with my wife.  We all have these and its as it should be.

For me personally, my dreams revolve around a few things: experiences and travelling with my wife,  watching my kids grow up and experience life and becoming something great carved out by hard work and personal discipline from a foundation of skills and talents God has graced me with.

There are many "Jacks-of-all-trades" out there and only a few "Masters-of-one." I dream to be the latter. And I will be.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cool! what?

As most of you may or may not know, I finally (officially) launched my website to, (1) find people to sponsor me on my way to accomplishing my dream of PGA Tour golf, and (2) to keep people updated as to what is happening with this crazy dream. And, so far so good.

All of this came about from dreams in my life that I had let go of a long time ago, believing I was to do something which I knew I was not gifted. As grand and passionate as that may have been, pursuing something that you already know you will not succeed in leads to much emptiness, loneliness, and unfulfillment in myself and in how I viewed God, His plans for me, and the gifts He gave to me.

I know each one of you deals with that too.

The age old question of purpose haunts all of us at one time or another.  Sadly many adults, and even seniors, are still living knowing that their purpose was not reached, and their passions were never fully experienced.  My wife and I have had the privilege of seeing this in our own lives and we are doing everything we can to make sure our kids know where they are gifted, what their passions are, and have the opportunity to pursue those things.  Any parent that cares for the future well being of their childs spirit would do nothing less. 

How many people right now are wandering through their life without true purpose?

For me, my purpose is much larger than golf.  It is more than finding sponsors who believe in me no matter what I shoot or how I finish in tournaments. It is more than playing well enough to earn my tour card.  And it is even more than standing on the 18th green, late on a Sunday afternoon having last years champion slide the Green Jacket on me, or hand me the US Open trophy. It includes that, but it is much more.

For me, my purpose also lies in my faith in Jesus Christ and becoming more like Him.  But the golf and the life of faith go hand-in-hand to truly experience purpose in this life.

This life of purpose started the day Janelle and I decided to pursue this dream through the talent and ability God had given me.  Crazy part is, I sat there and explained to Janelle that I could make it on the tour: given the time and tools to practice, the proper timing and big breaks that come with every pursuit of greatness, I could make it.  And I told her all this having not played more than 5 or 6 rounds of golf a year since before I was married.  How did I know?

This dream was not somethng new.  It had not appeared after reading a magazine or talking to someone.  It was something that had always been there, I had just ignored it for so long it was only a whisper now, but it was still there. It would always be there. But until I quieted myself and the voices in me that thought they knew everything, I could not hear it, and believe it.

So, it has been 14 months since I started working at Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch. I have been practicing countless hours in the early mornings all the way through till it was too dark to see the ball any longer, and even then I putted in the light from the near by tennis courts.  When you agree to be who God has made you to be, and when you find the courage to follow it, there is nothing you won't do.  The whispers then become the calm and confident words of God pushing me forward into greatness.

The golf website is up, cool! Now what? I keep going. Keep pushing. Work harder. I haven't made it...yet. Some days it seems so close I could touch it.  Others, it seems so far away I walk on blindly. But I hear the voice of confidence speaking clearly to me and I know someone, or more, will sponsor me...I know it. 

(check out the site and sponsor me if you have a cool Million just hanging around :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Mysterious Issue of Purpose

What is God's will for my life?

I struggled and wrestled with this question for many years. I think I approached it in such a mystical way, assuming the "will" of God was a place, position, or even a title that would be bring fulfillment to a loving, hopeful, and, ultimately, wandering soul.

Again I would ask myself, what is God's will for my life? I looked for it in school (bible school at that), churches and positions in churches, in pursuing my Masters degree, and though none of these things can be labeled as "bad," I was missing the point of my life and God's will for it.

While none of those pursuits can be considered wrong, I was missing one key ingredient: who God made me to be. Let me explain.

Lionel Andres Messi, or simply Messi, is a footballer. He plays soccer. Wait, let me take that back. He doesn't just play soccer, he is AMAZING. When he has the ball at his feet he is magical. The passes he makes, the way he sees the pitch (the soccer field), and the way he scores goals is all breathtaking. Loads and loads of goals. Since joining the soccer club Barcelona at 16, he has scored 243 goals. He has shattered every Barcelona scoring record that has been there for decades. He is a Christian and turns 25 this summer. Watch...
(turn your speakers up for this one)

Jotta A, as he is referred to, has an angelic voice. No seriously, angelic. He has one of the purest, unblemished, most beautiful voices you have ever heard. Oh yeah, he is only 12 years old. Entering a Brazilian kids talent competition he has amazed the world with his singing of all kinds of worship songs throughout the competition, highlighted by his version of Agnus Dei.
(goose-bumps will happen and possibly tissues will be needed)

I could keep going and going with people whose talent has amazed the world.

See, I thought ones place was firmly rooted in the church, and only in the church. What I have come to see is that ones place is in this world with their identity rooted in Jesus Christ, and only in him. Take Romans 9:17:

...“I have appointed you for the very purpose of displaying my power in you and to spread my fame throughout the earth.”

Each of us has been given gifts and abilities that God expects us to use. These gifts, as we see in the story of the talents in Matthew 25, are not to be hid, logically pushed away, considered only useful in the church, or, considered only good for personal gain and wealth. You just read it. My purpose, your purpose, OUR purpose is to display the power of God in our lives and spread his fame throughout the earth.

This path of pursuing the God-sized dream for me of full time PGA tour status, and not just pursuing it but reaching that goal, is my purpose. It is my way of God displaying his power in me and spreading His fame throughout the entire world. When I hit a perfect drive, when I make that putt, and even when I make that double-bogey, I am showing the talent of God in my own life to all those around.

Some see the fame of God in churches, and it is most definitely there. But I see more of God in a beautiful goal scored by Messi, an amazing song sung by Jotta, a loving and kind word from a gifted encourager, a beautiful painting, a well designed car, an amazingly designed golf course, etc. etc. etc. I see the fame of God unfold everyday in the lives of people all around me, and even those famous people who we suppose we will never be.

So I ask you, what is Gods will for you? How have you been looking for it? Where do you think you will find it? Have you tried looking into yourself and finding those gifts God has only given to you and then pursuing them with Romans 9:17 in mind?

If you have, then you know the peace and fulfillment that comes from it.

If not, then why not try.

Its what you were made for.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Into the Land of 'Sponsors' I Go

Golf. What a game. I love it.

I mean, check out this past Sunday. No person quite epitomizes a sport like Tiger Woods does with golf. The closest you could find would be Michael Jordan with basketball. On a Sunday when someone who was finished, washed up, and past his prime came rolling in to 18 green with a 5 shot lead and the weight of the past couple years of his life finally rolling off his shoulders, the world was there to watch him win for the first time in 30 months.

One reason I love golf: Tiger Woods. I see the fire burn in his eyes since he was a teenager. Wanting to win. Wanting to be the best. Wanting to crush every challenge and challenger. This is how I feel with golf and what I know I was born to do.

I know I have the ability to play the game and to play it well. I have stepped into places where every swing was effortless, every bounce went my way, and every putt was dropping. I know I have the ability to find that place and play well aganist all competition. And that is exactly what I am trying to do!

Since my last job for a church ended at the end of 2010, I was not sure what I was going to do. Was it move to a new location and find another church job that didn't fulfill me and my giftings and abilities? Was it time to head back into corporate America and get back into the work force? I didn't know. What I did know was that I was 32 and something needed to change or I faced living an unfulfilled life and that was an unacceptable conclusion.

What did I come up with as my life fulfilling, passion encompassing, completely me pursuit...GOLF! Outside of talent and ability the only I answer I had to the team building exercise question, "If money was not an issue, what would you do with your life?", was golf.

Crazy thing about golf is you can have all the talent in the world, but if you do not have the money needed to compete your talent means nothing. I have played with countless great golfers who could make a run on the Nationwide Tour and possibly make it to the PGA Tour, but they are not independently wealthy and do not have the means to do that.

This is where I find myself.

My catch 22 of golf right now is this: I need to play in tournaments to get better and get noticed so I can get sponsored and make golf my full time job, but to get better I need money to play in tournaments to get noticed by sponsors...and around and around I go. Throw in the fact that I work a low paying job for the benefits it gives me with golf, adding in the constant pressure every man, or husband and father, feels to take care of his own family, I feel I am at a crossroads.

I must start finding sponsors who believe in me and will help me with this pursuit, or I must move into another area of pursuit. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

My hope lies in the fact that I have had a couple people talk to me about possibly sponsoring me. And where there is one there are bound to be more. This gives me hope I am doing something right and I am moving in the right direction. I have a website my friend is helping build so I can point people to my "playing resume" so they will learn more about me and what I am doing. I have invested some of my own money into a few tournaments this year hoping to get into more tournaments and go from there.

All in all my faith is high and my hope is strong that what God promised to me would happen, now and in eternity. Do I need one or many sponsors? Depends on how much they are willing to help me with. Does it bother me that I need another persons hard earned money to progress? Everyday. Do I feel I am doing things correctly? Yes, and I am learning more everyday.

However, I know that with God ALL things are possible and He has entrusted to me certain gifts and abilities that I must return back to him, with interest.

But I carry this with me everywhere I go...

Have not I commanded you? Be strong and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

I am prepared so I can move forward when that door opens. I am being patient and learning to live in the moment and not dream or wish my life away. I am not what I should be, yet, but I am not what I used to be.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Golf Doldrums...bum Bum BUM!

After all the exciting happenings in golf for me lately I thought I was past the doldrums of golf. I guess not.

The dictionary definition of doldrums goes like this: the state of stagnation or inactivity. Such a perfect definition to describe what is currently happening in my golf game.

After experiencing some pretty amazing highs over the past couple of months in golf, I have been playing...well...terribly (for me that is).

Currently, and this streak is through October 5th, 2011, I have made no birdies in my last 5 birdies. Golf is about making birdies. Its about shooting great scores, especially if you are trying to "make it" as a golfer.


My frustration level is at a fever pitch right now with my personal golf game. I am out of sorts with everything it seems. Almost like having vertigo in my golf game. Best way I know how to describe it.

It seems when things are at their strangest, and most confusing, we like to remember stuff. Good stuff, sometimes bad stuff, be we remember. I remembered how I started the year.

I was sitting in Trinity Fellowship Church in Amarillo, TX and the opportunity came in the service to come forward to have anything prayed for, or with, by someone on their pastoral staff or payer team. At first I sat there enjoying the song the worship team was singing, and then I decided to get up and bring my golf dream before God. I had done this 100 times at least by this point, but I felt it was the right thing to do in the moment. As I talked with one of the Pastors, I told him I was feeling led to pursue a huge dream that I could not accomplish by myself and I was trying not to feel overwhelmed or afraid. I asked him to pray with me that God would confirm His word to me and that I would have favor everywhere I went pursuing this dream. What he spoke to me came as somewhat of a shock. He said, "This reminds me of Joshua. The task God gave him in bringing the Hebrews to the promised land. It was impossible for Joshua." He gave me Joshua 1 to read through and told me to look for the times God told Joshua to 'have courage.'

So I did. Check this out:

Joshua 1:6 Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them. 7 Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Three times in 4 verses God tells Joshua, directly, BE COURAGEOUS. The definition of courage? The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty. Amazing, right?

No doubt Joshua's task was going to be difficult. Read the book of Exodus in the Bible to see the challenges they had to overcome just to get to where they were at currently. Joshua needed to have courage. He needed to have the right mind and spirit to be able to face difficulty.

My doldrums led me to think about that day at the beginning of the year when I was told to have courage through difficult times. Basically stated, I will face difficulty...but BE COURAGEOUS!

The word we use for this in golf is grinding. I have been grinding out some very bad rounds of golf shooting a few shots above par. This is frustrating. Especially when you know what you can do as compared to what you are doing. But I am reminding myself...Be courageous.

For you out there...BE COURAGEOUS. Whatever situation you find yourself in, be courageous. When you want to quit, be courageous. When all you can do is shake your head at what is happening, be courageous. When you have no courageous. When there isn't enough, be courageous.

Be courageous.

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyways. - John Wayne

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ACE Baby! ACE!

Golf is such a funny game.

Not so much "hahaha" funny, but funny in the things that happen and the ways they happen.

Since my round a couple weeks ago, finally breaking into the 60's in my scoring, I have played one official round and A LOT of playing and practicing. That one official round was pretty good. I shot a 69, 2 shots under par. It was what I would call a quiet round. Four birdies, two bogey's and twelve pars. Simple really. No major mistakes. To silly mistakes that led to the two bogey's, but for the most part, quiet.

Yesterday, after work, I went to play again with our Instructor of golf before I had to get home and get the dog to vet. We always play from the way back tees, and that can be tough. I played a great first 9 holes. Three under par 32 with no bogeys.

Great front 9. And since the front 9 is normally where I struggle, I had visions of 65 in my head with my favorite holes on the back 9 coming up.

After getting my first bogey of the day on #10, I drove to the par three #11 thinking I would like a birdie to reverse what I just did on the hole before. I have only ever had 2 birdies on this par 3. Its a tough hole.

After we got the distance reading, 197 yards, I grabbed my 6 iron and tee'd it up. The pin was in the back-left and my aim was back-center of the green. I had been making great contact on the ball all day and this hole was no different.

I hit a high, small cut (left to right ball flight) and it was headed right at the hole. I reached down to grab my tee, and when I looked up to see where the ball was going to finish (I was afraid I had hit it too far), I saw the ball hit the green and check (backspin), and then it disappeared into the least, thats how it looked. There was a small hill on the side of the green blocking the complete view of the hole so I wasn't exactly sure what I had seen.

I stood there for another couple of moments trying to decide what happened.

I couldn't see my ball on the green. I saw it land just a couple feet in front of the hole, but then there was nothing.


I started to get very excited. My calmer side kicked in immediately with my second though: it must have hit the pin and ricocheted off the green, or, just rolled to the back of the green.

As we pulled up to the hole my ball was no where to be seen. I grabbed my putter and sand wedge incase it had jumped off to the back of the green...but I knew it was in.

At this point I was laughing. Audible, out-loud laughing. Which is rare for me. I usually prefer the quiet belly laugh.

I did not see my ball behind the green. I walked up to the hole and sure enough, in the hole next to the pin was my Callaway Tour iS ball with 3 red dots.



My first one ever. I have been close once. But this was beautiful. I can still see the shot.

The odds on getting a hole-in-one are not great. Stats from April 2005 state getting a hole-in-one on a 200 yard hole being an average golfer is 1 in 150,000.

It was cool to beat the odds.

I ended up shooting a 2 under par 69. Good round. Should have been a 65 at least. Silly mistakes. Thats another post though.

I told myself a long time ago, once I got a hole-in-one I would be well on my way to reaching some of my goals.

Who knew that would be true.

Prov 23:18 "There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Its been a while...BIG Dreaming

Well, Its been a while since I blogged about my BIG Dream (playing professional golf on the PGA Tour). Heres an update on whats happened and whats been happening.

Lets start with the swing. It has changed. Drastically. For the better.

After getting to a place where I felt I could play great golf, I decided a lesson was in order. If I was gonna make the record books that was the way to get better. Not heeding the advice of my boss; "Nate, you know your own swing better than anyone..." I took the lesson in March 2011. And almost quit golf. In one session I could no longer hit the ball. Well, thats not true. I could hit it, but not where I was aiming.

Picture a duck gracefully soaring through the air...that was my ball flight before. Gorgeous. Now picture that same duck being shot out of the sky with a gun and twisting, turning, and crashing to the ground - my new ball flight. Not so gorgeous.

I wanted to quit. Give up. I would continue to pursue being a golf pro, but not a pro golfer. I COULDN'T EVEN HIT THE BALL!

But each morning God would remind me of the dream, His belief in me, and I would go back out believing it was going to be different. I waited. It didn't become different. It stayed the same. But each morning, during prayer, there was an urge to push me to keep trying. A feeling in my heart that I was gonna accomplish the BIG Dream. Not to give up. So I kept practicing. It was ugly me.

The next step was my clubs. I stopped playing my beloved Nike TW Blades. I realized I couldn't hit them. I couldn't.

At this point I was desperate. I began playing with a set of our rental clubs. Taylor Made Burner 1.0 Irons. I took them to the range, emptied my mind of all that I "learned" and tried to tap into what came naturally, get back in my flow. After a while, the beauty was back. Every shot. High draw. High fade. Great ball striking...BETTER than before. My joy was overflowing. I was so excited that I hit hundreds of range balls (the beauty of working for a golf course).

The next step was playing. You know this, and I know this, practicing and actually doing what you've practiced in a true setting, are two totally different things. I could hit it great on the driving range, but I couldn't bring that onto the course. Until just recently.

Enter the PGA Playing Ability Test (PAT). I had failed my first PGA PAT in April. I shot an 83 - 75. The playing ability test consists of playing 2 back to back rounds of golf and shooting a total score of 155 or better to pass. My best playing score around this time was a 79. VERY AVERAGE. I don't want to be average, I want to be GREAT. I started practicing every morning to get ready for my next PAT in July. As I neared my test date, I just felt like something special was going to happen. Out of the blue, literally, I shot a 72-74 in back-to-back rounds at my PGA Playing Ability Test (in 115 degree weather no-less). I was stoked, literally, I was on fire. It was so hot that near the end of my second round, I started getting the shakes. It was bad - and yet, I pushed through and nailed it! Passed by 9 shots.

The present step is my current game. I'm now playing Taylor Made Burner 2.0 irons, Taylor Made R11 3 wood, and a Callaway Razr Hawk Driver 9.5 degree. Amazing clubs. Amazing.

My game has been coming along smoothly. I started shooting rounds of 72, 73, 71, etc. I couldn't believe I was shooting just a couple of shots above par. Sometimes I still can't. It seemed so far away at one point, and now I'm close. So close I can almost taste it. But no rounds under par, at par, but not my goal of playing under par.

My change of fortune culminated yesterday.

Each year Trilogy Golf Club at Power Ranch has Ryder Cup style matches. There is a staff team from the course and a resident team from those who live in the Trilogy community. The final matches are Singles Matches where each team member plays against another person of the other team. Each match counts for a point if you win and helps your team finish strong, and even win.

Yesterday, I played my Ryder Cup match. I played a great match. First hole I hit my driver out of bounds. Double bogey. Great start right? I took a moment at the tee box of the second hole, put my head down, and took some deep breaths... I didn't want to get stuck on this hole and carry it with me to all the rest. 1st hole - 2 over par. Next 17 holes I played 5 under par for a 68. A 68! 3 shots under par. UNDER PAR! Are you kidding me?!?! Only pro's and really good amateurs shoot under par. Its still hard to believe.

My score card read like this: 1 eagle, 5 birdies, 2 bogeys, and one double bogey. It was the best round of golf I have ever played. Up to this point. I am convinced that this is what my scorecards are going to look like from here on out. I've put the work in, hard work, daily. It's my time to see results.

Where do I go from here? Since the PAT in July, my momentum has been growing. In January I wrote down my golf goals for the year, and as of today, I've completed them all. I reached my year end goal of playing scratch golf (par or better) 4 months early.


God is amazing. He pushed me through a desert place in my dreams to a place of a more solid and foundational hope.

Its been a while...but its happening. BIG Dreams.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life & Golf = Pretty Much The Same Thing

I just bombed my drive on the par five 17th hole, yes!. Lets see...this hole is 559 yards and I have 227 yards.

332 yard drive; sweet!

I have 227 yards to the pin. Hmmmmm

The wind is blowing right to left at about 5-7mph. Should I lay up and take a wedge into the green, or, should I go for it drawing a 3 iron into the green and giving myself an eagle chance? I haven't had an eagle in a couple months.


I haven't hit my 3 iron that consistently. I've been wanting to get a hybrid to replace it. I wonder if I can find a deal at the PGA Superstore. FOCUS NATE!

I should probably lay-up. I can take my 7 iron and leave 50 yards to the green.

Yeah, lets do that.

Deep breath.

Good tempo. Head down. Shift your weight.


Ok...40 yards to the pin. Man, the wind must have carried that a bit extra. Maybe I should have taken my 4 iron and gone for the green. What if I made the 4 iron from the fairway?! Double eagle! Then I could really have a story to tell people. I've never had a double eagle before. I was close once. Hit an amazing 3 wood onto the green into the group in front of us and it almost rolled in. That was a long time ago at Aurora Hills. I wonder what that course looks like now. FOCUS NATE!

I'm amazed how life and golf are so incredibly similar. In life you're given a "course" to play. Same with golf. In life you're given some very important details about each "hole" (distance, obstacles, and the goal). Same with golf. You carry with you the necessary tools to achieve the desired goal (your clubs). Same with golf. You take all necessary info into account, make your best "swing" and move to the next "shot." You then take into account the new information you've been given (new yardage), any outside forces (wind, ball lie, pin placement), and then you make the best "swing" possible and move on yet again.

Life and golf. So similar. We're gonna have amazing days and we're gonna have terrible days. Shots we never want to forget, and shots we can't seem to ever forget.

From the first part of this post I decided to give you a glimpse into my thought pattern from today's round. Crazy eh?! I realized it's just how life is. We do our best, hope for the best, and then play the ball as it lies.

Who's to say why some prayers appear to be answered and others appear to be ignored? Why the highs take us so high and the lows so low? Who's to say why one person gets sick and another remains healthy? Why one person dies and another lives?

To try and find answers to questions like this is to pay the green fee and play the course Job played. After you play the whole course you may never know. The key remains in being ok with that.

The Apostle Paul summed up life and golf expertly when he said, "I forget those things behind me, and I press towards to the mark in front of me."

Remember, in life and golf, we can't always explain why something happens but if we can move on from it, good to bad, to the next thing, we'll be so much better off.

One reason golf is such an exasperating game is that a thing we learned is so easily forgotten, and we find ourselves struggling year after year with faults we had discovered and corrected time and again.
- Bobby Jones

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Golf Signature: Your Swing

It's been said recently by Hank Haney (golf coach and golf instructor) on Twitter that there really is no wrong way to swing a club, what matters are results. This is the truth. Jim Furyk and Tommy Gainey are two names that come to mind immediately for golf swings that are different from the normal, almost abnormal, yet the results they have produced speak for themselves. A golfers swing is his signature. Here is my "golf signature" that is still a work in progress...